well i have been trying to convert DTS to ogg or the like, i found a way since DBPA dosnt support this dirrectly yet.

run VLC add the file you want to convert to the que(audio file from an anime movie i downloaded LEIGALY in my case *loves fansubs of stuff thats not licenced/avalable in the US yet*)

run the wizard, choose to convert and use ogg format or FLAC then convert, it will take some time, once its done you can use dbpa to convert it to whatever format you prefer(i used ogg), this change made it so that i could play it on my buddys portable media player that dosnt support DTS audio but has a nice 11.2in screen and good sound(kicks ass for a portable unit!!!)

if you want to shrink fansub audio its not hard, i do it with all my stuff anymore since most groups tend to use aac or mp3 at higher bitrates and i can get the same quility at 72-76kbps ogg(you CANT hear the diffrance) and it makes it so my backup disks can hold more files

Spoon, a dirrect DTS conversion option would be nice if you can get around to it, oh and the lancer converter errors on large files using DBPA but not using mediacoder(.....?????) i am not sure why this is, just thought you may want to know, maby its something with the encoder or maby its something with db but eather way i think its best you know

thanks for your hard work, i will check in on this when i have a chance, so far speex is working great, im getting my books down to a more easly sored format(saving space on backups is a must when you have around 1tb of storege and a good 3rd of that is audio books and you need to back them up to normal dvd+r media)