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Thread: lancer mod and -2 support

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    lancer mod and -2 support

    i would like to beable to use the -2 settings that are supported in current lancer ogg codecs, this isnt currently possable from what i can tell even if i replace the current encoder.exe with the latest one, i encode/recode alot of audio books and as long as i can keep the quility acceptable i will cut the bitrate as low as i can, mp3 sucks for this, speex needs some tweaking to get rid of the time loss at start of the encode(oh yeah and it needs lancer style speed boosts :P )

    thanks, just would like to see a version of the latest beta lancer avalable for those of us who like to live on the edge


    the latest ones are also based on the latest b5 versions and seem to work GREAT at -1 for audio books, totaly kill mp3 for quility to size

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    Re: lancer mod and -2 support

    With R12 you can use the CLI Encoder and call lancer direct.

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