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Thread: Get tag from filename individually per track

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    Get tag from filename individually per track

    Hello all

    I have hundreds, thousands, of tracks in Music Collection
    all arranged very neatly. I do not want to make any sweeping changes.

    I have tracks stored as follows
    E: \ Type \ Artist \ Year - Album \ Tracknumber - Trackname
    (where "type" = classic / blues / rock etc.)

    I prefer to have all tags match this arrangement
    and in most cases I have edited the tags by hand.

    Is it possible whenever a new track is added to MC
    to have the tag changed automatically to match the file structure,
    i.e. "tag from filename" but on an individual track basis ?

    I hope I have explined myself clearly.


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    Re: Get tag from filename individually per track

    Not automatically.

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