WinXP, Home, SP2, dBAMP CDWriter Release 2.

How i do it -
1. Convert the music to MP3 via the dBA Music Converter (Encoding:CD,
Bitrate:192, Hz:44100, Stereo and Preserve ID-Tags.
2. Run the MP3's through MP3Gain with normal volume set to 98.0 db.
3. Lastly, run the music through EncSpot to verify Lame (3.96), input
frequency (44.1kHz) and quality is in the green.
4. Create the CD.

Results in having to adjust the volume 5 to 10 times for a 100-150 song
CD. Not bad at all! Sound is great in WinAmp, Creative, and my auto
mp3 player. For those few times of adjusting volume, i suspect mp3gain
but who knows.

Is there a better way?