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Thread: Trouble Downloading PowerPack

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    Trouble Downloading PowerPack

    I recently purchased the powerpack add on to encode mp3s. I put in my cc info and when I hit submit the whole site froze up on me. I dismissed the entire thing as a project for another day, assuming it didn't go through. So, seven days later, I check my email and see that it did go through. However, I was too late to get the download. Is there anyone monitoring this forum that can help me take care of this? I don't want to pay for it twice. Thank you, Ramsey

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    Re: Trouble Downloading PowerPack

    You don't pay for it twice, that's for sure.

    Probably your firewall blocked you or other security or privacy settings in your browser.

    Totally turn off the firewall (exit it) and try the link given in the email again.

    Make sure you are not blocking cookies or images from external sites or the site itself (look in the file called hosts on your pc).

    Refer to the annoucement at http://forum.dbpoweramp.com/announce...nouncementid=8 .

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