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Thread: DMC eats files and doesn't convert correctly

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    DMC eats files and doesn't convert correctly

    I've been a moderate user of this AWESOME software, but just recently its been crappin out on me (I had an older version and that worked then it got screwed up, I then uninstalled it and installed version 11 and it still happens). I'm trying to convert some songs to a a lower quality to save disk space. When its finished I'll look and some of the songs are gone (this happens every 4th conversion from the right click convert to option). It also comes back with an error Unable to convert possibly not enough disk space. I HAVE 7 GIGS LEFT! Theres more than enough. Its still converts it though, but its a pain in the A$$!:vmad:. Than when that happens the dumb ID3 tag doesn't transfer so I have to type it back in.

    Plz help! I'm almost way to frustrated to keep DMC.

    Thanks, Aaron.

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    Re: DMC eats files and doesn't convert correctly

    Converting what to what?

    You are best to convert to a 2nd folder then check the files are alright then delete the source files.

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    Re: DMC eats files and doesn't convert correctly

    What file types are you converting from and converting to?
    Are you using dMC r11 or r11.5? The latest version is dMC r11.5 Version numbers are found in dMC Configuration. Start --> Programs --> dBpowerAMP Music Converter --> Configuration --> dMC Configuration.

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    Re: DMC eats files and doesn't convert correctly

    mp3 to mp3 using version 11.5

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    Re: DMC eats files and doesn't convert correctly

    As Spoon said, convert to a second fodler and don't instruct dMC to delete source files after conversion automatically. You can delete them later manually if all goes well.

    Make sure you are defining the proper ID tags that you have for your
    input files and you want to keep, in dMC Configuration.

    You'll have to figure out in what way the files that fail conversion are different from the files that work. There must be something that's not standard with them.

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