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Three Codecs Spotted at 10 'o clock

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  • Razgo
    • Apr 2002
    • 2532

    Three Codecs Spotted at 10 'o clock

    Intel reports 3 New Codecs have been spotted over at Codec Central:

    Windows Media Audio v8 at last dMC and dAP get a native WMA 8 Codec (previously was available only a CLI encoder), much improvement is to be found with WMA8 at lower bitrates,
    Ogg Vorbis Release 5 this beauty uses the latest RC2 ogg code, resulting in much smaller files, try it - you will be amazed!
    Mp3 Lame CLI although Lame is supplied with dMC for compressing, those who want to use lames Average Bitrate compressing can now do so with this codec.

    Visit Codec Central to download these Codecs today:

    This is Spoon, over and out.

    Disclaimer: This information is TOP SECRET and should be destroyed to prevent it falling into enemy hands.