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Asset R6.2 [All Platforms]

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  • Spoon
    • Apr 2002
    • 44007

    Asset R6.2 [All Platforms]

    Changes to Windows Version:
    • Search speed optimizations
    • Multi Artists and Album Artists supplied as Artist1; Artist2 (as nothing adheres to the correct standard)
    • Browsing File & Folder will show upstream art now for all folders
    • Returns object.container for many dynamic folders to ensure track listing with art
    • Adds upstream art to 'Top Artists' entry

    Bug Fixes
    • Default tree would not display albums for Top Artist (in the root menu), but would for Top Artist in Additional Folder
    • With upstream folder.jpg art when has unicode characters in the folder name
    • Album art given out for control points which specify a filter upnp:albumArtURI@dlna:profileID
    • [forcetosingle] would not always work
    • Added default to exclude LG tv from indexing whole tree
    • Certain AAC radio stations would not play
    • Not giving out correctly object.container.person.musicArtist for artist listing
    • If Browsing Additional >> Bits it would have [root] at top and full track listing (requires browse tree resetting)

    Changes Linux, Apple, QNAP and Pi:
    • Warning on corrupted database file, shown when accessing web config.
    • Compiler and toolchain updates.
    • Synology DS214 should be now supported properly
    • Search speed optimisations
    • Suppressed dc:creator values of Unkonwn, matching Windows version of Asset
    • Made LG TV hammering workaround present in default control point overrides.
    • Made multiple artists sent as artist1;artist2;...
    • Added upstream art to 'top artists' entry.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed AAC decoding on QNAP with 64-bit ARM processors.
    • Fixed QPKG regression causing failure to install correctly on QNAP devices with ARM processors
    • Fixed QNAP TS-231P black images bug
    • Unchecking "Detect & Catalog New Tracks" now properly prevents startup rescan
    • Fixed incorrect values in updateID field returned to UPnP browser
    • Fixed incorrect behaviors when Asset gets restarted in mid-browsing-session
    • Fixed blank browsing output sent to all clients after a client sends a malformed search query
    • Fixed internal caches not being cleared with 'rescan all', causing wrong browse results until next Asset restart
    • Fixed unexpected shutdown of entire Asset application in certain circumstances.
    • Fix for incomplete scan on QNAP TS-231P2.
    • Fixed missing option to set transcoded MP3 bitrate in the web interface
    • Fixed album art not showing with some control points.
    • Fixed [ForceToSINGLE] not working in control point overrides.
    • Fixed control point overrides [SimpleBrowse] produciong blank output instead of a flat track list.
    • Fixed non working control point blacklist/whitelist.
    • Fixed not giving out correctly object.container.person.musicArtist for artist listing.
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  • Spoon
    • Apr 2002
    • 44007

    Re: Asset R6.2 [All Platforms]

    Synology version now released.