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"wma' is encrypted which dMC is not able to decode."

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  • LtData
    dBpoweramp Guru
    • May 2004
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    "wma' is encrypted which dMC is not able to decode."

    dMC cannot decode encrypted files.

    Most of the times these files are created by the default setting in Windows Media Player to encrypt all the files it rips off of CDs. This setting is found under the "Copy Music" tab in the WMP options. Uncheck the "Copy protect music" box. Click OK to apply this change.

    These files are also obtained when purchasing music off of online stores such as Napster and the like (but NOT iTunes Music Store). If you wish to convert these files, there is really only one options: use Auxiliary Input to record the song as it plays.
    Originally posted by ChristinaS
    Please download dMC Auxiliary Input from Codec Central (see at the top of the forum), install it and read the help file on it. (note: Aux. Input is included with Release 11)

    1. Prepare your audio input by opening the Volume Control and selecting whatever is there for Stereo Input or Stereo Mixdown. The exact term varies depending on your sound card. You'll find there many different sources for input, just pick the one most likely to be that and make sure it's not muted - or unmute all of them.

    2. Start playing the file in whatever player can play it. Stop the player (do not pause it, do not close it).

    3. Start dMC Auxiliary Input, select the parameters according to the documentation (input, output, quality, etc).

    4. Start recording and immediately start playing the file in the player. Once the file has finished playing stop the recording, and soon after the file has been captured to whatever type of output you had specified previously in dMC Auxiliary Input parameters. As a side note: there are parameters for Auto Start and Auto Stop in dMC Auxiliary Input. If your audio file has silences that are longer than those preset, it will be assumed to be finished, so it's best not to use that feature unless you know there is no such silence in the audio.

    I usually prefer to capture to a wav first and then convert it using dMC to some other file type. You can capture directly to something like mp3 but it's easier to monitor the results if you go through a wav step first. It's your call, only by experimenting can you know exactly what's best.

    This process takes a little longer than the duration of the original file. It doesn't lend itself to batch processing, it's really one by one.
    If you need help with Aux Input, try this thread: http://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthread.php?p=34783
  • LtData
    dBpoweramp Guru
    • May 2004
    • 8288

    Re: "wma' is encrypted which dMC is not able to decode."

    Thanks to moofie for the below:

    If your downloaded tracks allow burning, just burn them onto a CD-RW or CD-R. After the burning is done, note the order and then launch Audio CD Input and rip the CD to whatever format you desire. Just remember that you cannot improve the quality above that of the original.

    Remember, you will lose all of your tags if your tracks are not in the same order as the original CD. You will have to hand enter them.