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Converting iTunes m4p to any other format

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  • ChristinaS
    dBpoweramp Guru
    • Apr 2004
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    Converting iTunes m4p to any other format

    How to convert iTunes m4p to any other format

    Read this thread for latest information:


    [COLOR=red]This post is a synthesis of many made by Bill (Xoas ) after painstakingly reading and answering many forum posts on this subject.[/COLOR]

    iTunes tracks are heavy into digital rights management. dMC (dBpowerAMP Music Converter) cannot decode .m4p files.

    Your options for converting include:
    a) Burning these tracks to audio cd and ripping them to another format
    c) Recording them using as they play on your soundcard by something like dMC Auxiliary Input
    c) Using one of these programs to convert .m4p to .m4a which dMC can decode:
    - Hymn or iOpener (both available from the Hymn website here: http://www.hymn-project.org/ )
    - iFreesoft (available for download from here: www.iFreesoft.com ). - [COLOR=Red]no longer available[/COLOR]

    There is also a program called TuneBite which is designed to help record protected files off of your soundcard as you play them into non-protected copies. See this link here: http://www.tunebite.com/

    Once you have converted the file to .m4a you should then be able to use dMC to convert the file to .wav or .wma or .mp3 (you will need to download the AAC/MP4 decoder codec to be able to convert the .m4a file, and the WMA codec if you want to convert to .wma, these can be found at Codec Central).

    We have had occasional reports of difficulties with being able to convert these .m4a files, which may be related to Apple's habit of trying to thwart efforts to break their DMR (digital rights management) efforts. But here we mostly hear about the problem cases.

    The other strategy open to you is to play your .m4p tracks in iTunes or other player (RealPlayer may be able to play them, but you may need a plug-in). If you can play the file then you should be able to record the file to a format of your choice using dBpowerAMP Auxilary Input ( dMC FAQ: http://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthread.php?t=5362 ).

    Watch this thread for any new methods that may turn up.
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  • ChristinaS
    dBpoweramp Guru
    • Apr 2004
    • 4097

    Re: Converting iTunes m4p to any other format

    We've also got this tip from iTunesIsEvil at http://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showpost...9&postcount=80 :

    Originally posted by iTunesIsEvil
    Hey... While Hymn does not remove your AppleID it is still a good program, I would suggest it. I guess if youre worried about your friends sharing music on P2P, you shouldnt give your music to them man... I don't personally have a problem with you or I sharing music w/ friends, but just ask them to not put it on Kazaa or whatever.

    Also, about the easiest way to find out if Hymn were using some SpyWare, is to look at the source code that you can actualy compile from. Ive looked at it, and its perfectly fine. As is DeDRMS and FairKeys.

    If you would like something slightly more eye-friendly (hymn is a CLI) try this: iRevolt an Apple DRM Scheme Removal App.
    It uses the actual DeDRMS and FairKeys code written by Jon Lech Johannson (DVD Jon). If you would like, try it, if not thats cool too. (Note that this doesn't remove your AppleID either. :teufel8: )

    Also, if you would rather learn how to remove the DRM encryption yourself (this way you can get rid of your AppleID if you would like) you can read a description of what the DRM is and how it is removed here.


    • ChristinaS
      dBpoweramp Guru
      • Apr 2004
      • 4097

      Re: Converting iTunes m4p to any other format

      Further help by using iRevolt provided by iTunesIsEvil: http://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showpost...0&postcount=12

      Originally posted by iTunesIsEvil
      Actually, unless you've seen something in the iTMS that I havn't, then no, you cannot download in MP3 format.

      AFAIK you only get them in M4P (protected MP4) format.

      They can have their protection removed using an application that I've (partially) written called iRevolt. This removes the protection (the parts that hinder a conversion anyway) and the file is then in an M4A format (unprotected MP4). From this point I use dMC and the MP4 & AAC Decoder to go to MP3 in a bitrate of my choice.

      iRevolt (1 EXE + 1 DLL) Can be found here....
      iRevolt C# Source Files ONLY Can be found here...
      iRevolt C# Project Folder ( -bin & -obj ) Can be found here...

      This is a Windows app, and it requires the .NET Framework ver. 1.1

      Questions, comments, concerns can be directed to development@gk-soft.net


      • Spoon
        • Apr 2002
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        Re: Converting iTunes m4p to any other format

        The latest infomation:

        Originally Posted by iTunesIsEvil:
        Convert them using JHymn converter. http://www.hymn-project.org/jhymndoc/
        you might have to download JavaVM (there's a link to that on the jhymn download page).


        • LtData
          dBpoweramp Guru
          • May 2004
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          Re: Converting iTunes m4p to any other format

          Update: JHymn will NOT work with iTunes 6 downloaded files. Also, after doing this, your account is required to use iTunes 6 for ALL subsequent purchases. The only way to be able to decrypt songs is to use either an older version of iTunes on a different account, or to use Auxiliary Input. Instructions for Aux. Input are below.