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Asset UPnP on Synology DSM 7

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  • PeterP
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    • Jul 2011
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    Asset UPnP on Synology DSM 7

    [size=5]Section 1: installing[/size]

    In order to Install Asset UPnP on Synology DSM, use the Package Manager and point it to your .SPK file and click thru all the prompts.

    You now have Asset installed and listed under packages:

    [size=5]Section 2: security permissions[/size]

    With Synology DSM 7, applications must be specifically permitted to access your individual folders.

    Asset asks Synology to create a 'music' share and grant itself proper access rights there.

    If your music is stored elsewhere, such as in shared folders that you created, you will run into problems when asking Asset to index them:

    In order to permit Asset to read your share, open Control Panel / Shared Folders:

    Under Permissions, select System Internal User from the dropdown list and grant Asset permissions to read your folder:

    After saving changed settings, Asset is able to index the folder: