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Linux version please..

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  • thereverend
    • Oct 2018
    • 5

    Linux version please..

    I am hoping to see a linux version. I do use a dual boot system right now but. With linux gaining popularity for security and
    ability to be used by so many programs I was hoping that there would be a version of BATCH ripper that will work with linux
    any idea if this might be in the works or any idea how to make this software work with linux would be greatly appreciated
  • Spoon
    • Apr 2002
    • 44179

    Re: Linux version please..

    You could try wine


    • richie60
      • Dec 2021
      • 1

      Re: Linux version please..

      Wine can be a bit of a pig to install correctly. I am running Linux Mint 20.2, the standard repo of wine could not install dbpoweramp. I had to resort to installing Crossover Office to get it to work...


      • carlosnoir
        • Feb 2022
        • 7

        Re: Linux version please..

        +1 for a Linux version!


        • Stinger
          • Oct 2022
          • 1

          Re: Linux version please..

          I am running dBpoweramp R15.3 under Wine on Linux Mint 20.3.
          Installation Wine (sudo apt install wine) and dBpoweramp (wine Downloads/dMC-R15.3-Ref-Registered.exe) without problems.

          All works fine except "Eject-Button (App)" or option "Eject CD after ripping...". Button on CD Writer works (this didn't when using dBpoweramp in VMware Player).

          CD Drive is D:, Communication is "SCSI Pass Through (SPT)".

          Anybody any idea?