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Jriver mediaplayer adjusts the date of Flac file when playing

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  • RonK
    • Nov 2023
    • 11

    Jriver mediaplayer adjusts the date of Flac file when playing

    I have noticed that when I play Flac files .... J-river mediaplayer the date of the original Flac file in the file folder on the D: drive is changed to the date and time of playback.

    I found this out because I mirrored the drive with an external drive as a backup.... The tracks being played were ready to be mirrored because a change had been made according to the Filesync program.

    What could this be and does it affect the Flac file?

    Does Jriver write anything extra to the metadata, is the Flac file changed?
    In any case, no album art is retrieved via the net.

    In the meantime I have ripped about 500/600 CDs with accuraterip, I hope that I am not ruining the bit correctness in some way.

    Then all the effort will have been for nothing.

    Greetings Ron.
  • simbun
    • Apr 2021
    • 28

    What or why it's doing it is a question best posed on the Jriver forums. I would hope it isn't adding any tags unless you've explicitly told it to e.g. Ratings.

    Why don't you hash the file, then play it using Jriver and hash it again afterwards to see if it's changed.
    certUtil -hashfile "file" MD5

    To check that the audio is still bit-perfect you can run it through PerfectTunes.
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