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MF Digital Drivers

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  • keilbaca
    • Nov 2013
    • 2

    Re: MF Digital Drivers

    Originally posted by PhiTauBill
    Anyone have success using the DiscMakers (MF Digital) Pico with QQRipper (http://broadexsystems.com/products/qqripper.htm)?

    I was able to modify the Acronova drivers to get the Pico to function and even renamed the device as a DupliQ, but QQRipper will still not recognize its existence.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!
    I have not had any success in doing so.

    I was thinking about going the route of using a batch file with properly timed pauses, to control the robot so I can use any drive in my robot as well as any burning program.

    I however, do not know the commands to work the robot. I also have a Pico, that I would like to extend its life. The robot part works fine, the drivers in windows 7 work fine, everything works fine, but Disc Maker does not work in anything but Windows XP and only with the supplied burner.


    • wing
      • Dec 2009
      • 6

      Re: MF Digital Drivers

      I understand you have successfully written a driver for MF Digital.
      I would like to buy one copy for my personal use.
      I have tried sending private emails to you but your inbox is full and email was returned.
      Hope you can help.
      Kind regards.


      • Spoon
        • Apr 2002
        • 44093

        Re: MF Digital Drivers

        The guy that wrote them does not appear to be active any more.


        • marcusm
          • Jul 2020
          • 7

          Re: MF Digital Drivers

          I got the baxter to be recognized in Win 11 64 using above steps and disabling the unsigned driver fail in windows startup settings but now just trying to get the universal loader to work after pugging it into the various subfolders in the loader folder. So far no joy. If anyone has succeeded let me know.