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AV1 (AOM), AV1-SVT Encoding Support

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  • Lynx_TWO
    I concur. AV1 encoders have come a long way in speed and quality in the past couple of years. The best one I use for speed/quality is here at

    Welcome to the Gitlab repo for the SVT-AV1!

    At quality 6, I can encode faster than real-time on my AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor. You can encode a 4K, 100-minute video down to about 1.2GB at pretty impressive quality.

    The biggest challenge, I imagine, will be to make sure the correct bit depth, HDR flags, and color characteristics in the video get embedded in and encoded correctly, but perhaps Video Converter already does that separately

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  • Shanti
    started a topic AV1 (AOM), AV1-SVT Encoding Support

    AV1 (AOM), AV1-SVT Encoding Support


    Would you please add AV1 (AOM) and AV1-SVT encoding support.
    And it would be great to have opportunity to change Custom encoding properties.

    Thank you