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dBpoweramp Video Converter

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  • ppi
    • Mar 2022
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    dBpoweramp Video Converter

    dBpoweramp is REALLY TOP for audio processing! So I also purchased the Video Converter

    The Video Converter, however, seems to have some problems...

    I just cannot get the file renaming to work (for batch processing videos).
    Either no file is created or I get asked, if I want to "overwrite"...

    The syntax is not straight forward to understand and the examples in the documentation seem to contain many errors...

    Can you provide clear and concise documentation on how to specify file name replacements?
    E.g. how to replace an arbitrary string in a filename exactly, how to escape special characters, etc...

    How do I remove ".HALF" from "file.HALF.avi" to get "file.avi"
    How do I replace ".HALF" with "-FULL" to get "file-FULL.avi"

    Best regards,