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Pre-seeding a large library

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  • ChevronLugs
    • Nov 2021
    • 5

    Pre-seeding a large library


    I'm having random problems with TuneFusion and a large music library. The devices I'm transferring to all have microSD card slots and I'd like to pre-seed those by manually copying the library onto the card(s) via card reader in my Win 10 PC, then have TuneFusion handle the updates.

    The library in question is approximately 63,000 tracks and those are all in full albums. What's being transferred is just lossy copies which have been converted from my main library/archive of mostly FLAC, some DSD and minimal MP3 (straight copy, of course). All the files to be copied are in their own directory that only TuneFusion accesses.

    The problem I'm having is, and I suspect it's because TuneFusion hasn't done the initial transfer/sync, TuneFusion will decide to start deleting files in the destination and/or it will delete folder.jpg in the destination. The advanced option "Delete Destination Tracks no Longer Present in Source" is on and I definitely want TuneFusion to manage that aspect.

    Do I need to suck it up and wait the many hours it'll take for the initial sync of ~63,000 files? Or, would it be faster to run a SMB server or FTP server on the target devices?

  • Spoon
    • Apr 2002
    • 44154

    Re: Pre-seeding a large library

    It is not possible to pre-seed sorry.

    If you have lossless already you can tell TF to do a 1:1 copy for those lossy tracks.