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Album art pixel size discrepancy?

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  • ebinrock
    • Sep 2018
    • 6

    Album art pixel size discrepancy?

    I don't know if this is a PerfectTUNES or a CD Ripper question, because I use both (latest registered versions, Vers. 3 and Vers. 16.5 respectively on Windows 10), but where exactly are the high resolution album art JPEG's stored on the computer? Most of the album covers in PerfectTUNES say they're 800 x 800, some a little less. When I go to Windows' View Options and choose to show hidden files and folders AND unhide protected system files, a Folder.jpg shows up in the same folder where I ripped my CD, BUT the pixel count is only 200 x 200. There's another JPG in the same folder, but that one is even smaller (75 x 75 pixels). So where are the 800 x 800's? And how can I get those to be named for whatever album (i.e., CD) that I rip in CD Ripper? And not be hidden?
  • Spoon
    • Apr 2002
    • 43919

    Re: Album art pixel size discrepancy?

    They are embedded into the audio file in the ID Tags.


    • Dat Ei
      dBpoweramp Guru
      • Feb 2014
      • 1748

      Re: Album art pixel size discrepancy?

      Hey ebinrock,

      do you use Microsoft Media Player? Are your audio directories under the control of WMP?

      Dat Ei