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Question about ripping in another program

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  • krillel
    • Aug 2015
    • 2

    Question about ripping in another program


    I have ripped my cd-collection with a rather old cd-rom player.
    I have ripped the cd:s in another program then dbpoweramp. The program I have used isn´t accurate rip programs. For the most files I have used an old version of Nero and Windows Media player. The files where converted to wave. After that I used a free converting program to convert the files to flac (for the most part I used Free Audio Converter).

    Then I got cold feet and thought that maybe this wasn´t a smart way to rip the cd:s.
    I then installed perfect tunes to check the files. Some albums the program couldn´t recognize, some tracks the program said was inaccurate. But most of the files were Accurate rip according to PerfectTunes. The Verified Confidence is all from 1-200.

    I will get dbpoweramp to rip the files I have problem with. But it would save me much time if I don´t need to do this with the other albums and files.

    My questions are:
    1)PerfectTunes says the files are accurate ripped, even though I have used "bad" programs to rip and convert the files with. Can I be (100%) sure that there is no quality loss when I ripped and converted with these programs instead of dbpoweramp?

    2)The program couldn´t find some well-known albums (like Bruce Springsteen – Human touch). I have the original cd with these albums, so that shouldn´t be a problem. Do you know the reason why!?

    3)What does the “Pressing offset” stand for? Most of the time I get +6 here, but it can also be something totally different, like +1316. But there are (almost) always the same pressing offset for the same album.

    Thanks in advance!

  • garym
    dBpoweramp Guru
    • Nov 2007
    • 5802

    Re: Question about ripping in another program

    (1) Yes!


    • krillel
      • Aug 2015
      • 2

      Re: Question about ripping in another program

      Ok, thanks!

      Following questions...
      4) Do you get the same result with the unregisetred version and the purchased version?
      5) If the program can´t read the files, can anyone recommend another program that can check for glitches and so on?
      I for example have some files that has different lenghts. Maybe dbpoweramp has such a program....?



      • Spoon
        • Apr 2002
        • 44179

        Re: Question about ripping in another program

        2) If the disc has a non-standard starting position, this information is only present on the CD and AccurateRip needs to generate the disc ID, without it a lookup has to be done and the lookup database is not populated as much. Also some programs would rip extended CDs with the wrong track length for the last track.

        A pressing offset is the offset which is induced on CDs when they are manufactured, each time a pressing run is done a new offset is created.