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Adding Capitalization for editing metadata

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  • dragonsoul
    • Jun 2024
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    Adding Capitalization for editing metadata

    All the music I've purchased over the years in FLAC format from online stores, and while some other software (TagScanner, etc.) does a good job of helping to edit metadata, I still have to go through and fix some things that it might have gotten not quite right, like changing AC/DC to Ac/Dc or AC-DC, for example when I try to have the basic info (artist, album name, song title) capitalized.

    So I was wondering if ther was a way for a future update to have the Batch ID Tag editor include an option to capitalize the metadata, like in the CD Ripper?
  • Spoon
    • Apr 2002
    • 44169

    You would be best in PerfectTUNES and use the ID Tag editor and list all artists and correct just the Artists required manually, each artist needs only fixing once.