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batch converter: onedrive not showing up

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  • siriussurfer
    • Feb 2009
    • 41

    batch converter: onedrive not showing up

    [SIZE=4]Hi fellows,
    [SIZE=4]I have saved some music files on OneDrive and would like to convert them using the batch converter.
    Unfortunately the OneDrive folder is not displayed. However, the files must be on the Mac. But where?
    Does anyone here know where I can find these?
    [SIZE=4]Or how can I convert music files stored on OneDrive using the batch converter?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=4]This isn't a problem with the music converter, but I would have to convert each individual folder separately, which means a huge amount of effort.
    [SIZE=4]Is it even possible to convert music files from OneDrive using the batch converter or do I actually have to take the "rocky road"?
    [SIZE=4]Thank you in advance for your valued help!
    [SIZE=4]Best regards[/SIZE]
  • Spoon
    • Apr 2002
    • 44153

    Re: batch converter: onedrive not showing up

    You have to copy them to a local drive, OneDrive is a virtual online drive.