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How to correct Replay Gain mistakes

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  • RobP
    Re: How to correct Replay Gain mistakes

    Thanks for your help, Simbun. I'll check the WAV files (and get prepared for re-ripping!).

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  • RobP
    started a topic How to correct Replay Gain mistakes

    How to correct Replay Gain mistakes

    I'm looking for help after making what I think are novice mistakes using Batch Converter.

    I have a library of WAV files, and decided to apply replay gain to them. I'm using dBpa version 15.3. I'm not technically minded and, after reading the guidance I set the converter to encode from WAV to WAV (I hadn't appreciated that a Replay Gain codec could be available), and selected both the Replay Gain and Replay Gain (Apply) dsp effects (I was unsure if my Naim Uniti player would read the Replay Gain tags). Following conversion there were error messages for many of the tracks which I closed and now can't find.

    After, belatedly, looking at some of the forum threads, I'm concerned that by using the Replay Gain (apply) dsp effects, I have permanently changed the audio quality of the tracks. Something I didn't want to do. If I hover over the tracks the "contains" line says "Album Art, Replay Gain, ID Tag[LIST & ID3]".

    Have I changed the audio quality of tracks in the library? And, if so, is there any way of correcting this without having to re-rip the CDs?

    Also, if and when I can sort Replay Gain, I've read that it is possible to turn it off or on depending on listening to playlists or albums. How is this done from my controller (an iPad)? Is it necessary to install a second version of Asset on the iPad.

    If you can overcome the lameness of my actions, any help would be appreciated. Thanks