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Upgrade Synology NAS recommendations?

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  • hilbi
    • Sep 2022
    • 2

    Upgrade Synology NAS recommendations?

    Currently I'm using a Synology DS115J, running DSM 6 and Asset. Having 7000 flac albums on the hard disk.

    I find the performance of the NAS to be a bit slow. I know I have an entry NAS. But would be a good recommendation for a new NAS? Is memory and processor important to upgrade the speed of how fast Asset would respond?

    What would be recommended? Thanks in advance.
  • Mike-B
    dBpoweramp Enthusiast
    • Aug 2018
    • 179

    Re: Upgrade Synology NAS recommendations?

    If you are happy with your 1-bay DS115, why not look at the latest Synology 1-bay
    DS115j specs Marvell Armada 370 @ 800 MHz CPU and 256MB DDR3 RAM.
    DS124 specs Realtek RTD1619B @ 1.7 GHz CPU and 1GB DDR4 RAM


    • Vim_Fuego
      • Apr 2021
      • 19

      Re: Upgrade Synology NAS recommendations?

      I bought a 220J and was really disappointed with the performance overall, I returned it, and went for a DS220+ and it's a huge improvement, massively faster in every area, more features also. I would really stay away from the J series. If you go for an x86 based model (the + models), you get lots of other useful stuff, like docker support.