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Thread: dbpoweramp download e-mail not recieved.

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    dbpoweramp download e-mail not recieved.

    Hi all
    looking for some help!!
    purchased poweramp yesterday and have not recieved the download e-mail.
    I checked my spam folder and it hasn't gone there either.
    When I purchase downloads in the past I have allways recieved my products quickly, is dbpoweramp slow.
    thanks for any help

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    Re: dbpoweramp download e-mail not recieved.

    Please email your details to:


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    Re: dbpoweramp download e-mail not recieved.

    Thanks Spoon da man
    went back and checked the e-mail I sent from the site you sent and I messed the addy up,,, resent and recieved an automated reply so I am a lot closer to resolving my problem now
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