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Thread: MP3 Database Program ? / Cover/Back Sites?

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    Question MP3 Database Program ? / Cover/Back Sites?

    I'm up to about 570 ripped CD's (192/256 bit rate), taking up about 45Gig's.

    I'm looking for an application that that will datafill a database with the information from the ID tags plus the file name and path of the MP3's.

    .... just wondering if anyone has seen anything.

    BTW - Are there any more good sites for downloading album covers/backs. In VB I know how to load a database with images, and it would be really nice to have the covers stored. I haven't been to a cover site in a long time. Looking around now it seems like it's mostly dead links and scams.


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    I use MP3 Collector. I think it will do everything you want!


    You can even download a trial version.

    Let me know how you like it!

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    You can also use Heliumē
    It had the same function than Mp3 Collector

    Official Site

    With it you can manage ogg and mpc file.

    And you can see all your collection with the covers like this :

    I use it and i like it !

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