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Thread: Uninstalling Issues and Fix

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    uninstalling issues

    there are some anomalies that occur when uninstalling dbpoweramp parts.

    i just unisntalled using windows add/remove the following codecs, ogg, aac, mp4, wsp, voc.

    start-->programs-->dbpoweramp music converter-->configuration-->dmc configuration

    that does not match whats in my registry

    however this folder C:Program Files\Illustrate\dBpowerAMP\Versions\Compression

    seems to be telling the truth and is accurate. although it has aac (cli codec) but i don't have the convert too option for that one.

    for me these things happen because i do a lot of various testing installing and uninstalling all the time. but it is apparent that the windows add/remove function does not always work properly.

    there is also something called "smart install codec". i think these are extensions that dmc/dap auto recognizes?

    anyhow the only real solution i have found is to manually clean out the registry entries and delete the dbpoweramp folder as well. i know some feel it's best to keep out of the windows registry but i have to say we all have to learn sometime. and now is the time. it really isn't all that scary at all and short of a blackout happening at the time you can't go wrong. looking in the registry file is like looking via windows explorer. it really is no different or scarier than that.

    unless you have another folder called "dbpoweramp" in the registry you can not mistakingly delete anything else!

    the solution is:

    A. If uninstalling does not help, then follow these instructions to make a totally clean start:

    *** if you are using dBpowerAMP Audio Player, backup your music collection first ***

    ***FIRST, uninstall all Illustrate products (dMC, dAP, etc.) and all codecs.***

    1)Select 'Start' >> 'Run' and type:


    Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Illustrate
    delete the Key (folder) 'dBpowerAMP'.

    2) Using Windows Explorer, open C:\Program Files\Illustrate and Delete the folder 'dBpowerAMP'

    3) Reinstall, one by one dMC and Codecs.

    4) Reinstall, dbpoweramp music player

    so for those that are or have been too scared just go and have a go!

    of course if you aren't having any dap/dmc issues then you don't neeed to do this :p
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    Re: uninstalling issues

    The smart install codecs mean that when you first try to use that codec, it offers to download and it and have you install it.

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