This 'compression codec' is a utility Codec, it does no compression but rather updates the ID tags in audio files, it can either:

Refresh an ID Tag, updating the version as required,

Delete all ID Tags,

Note this 'codec' requires at least Release 11 of dBpowerAMP Music Converter and if altering files other than mp3 files an updated Release 11 compatible codec.

Deleting All Tags

Lets see it in action, select files (in explorer), right click >> Convert To >> and select [Update Tag]:

Select the Remove ALL ID Tags option and Convert, hey presto all the tags are removed from said audio files!

Updating Tags

Why would one want to update ID tags? well for example say there were mp3 files and they contained ID3v2 tags, but your player could only read ID3v1 tags, then update is for you. First start dMC Configuration which is in Start >> Programs >> dBpowerAMP Music Converter >> Compression, click ID Tag Options, it is here where the Tag creation for mp3 could be set to ID3v1 and when updated tags will be saved as ID3v1.

NB Update Tag requires that the Power Pack be installed.

Visit Codec Central to download.