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Thread: Bug in character replacement

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    Bug in character replacement


    I'm on Windows 11 and using dBpoweramp v2023-12-22

    I have following dynamic naming string:
    [IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[IFCOMP]Various Artists[][IF!COMP][artist][][]\[year] - [album]\[track] - [title]

    I also have following settings active in ID Tag Processing DSP Effect:
    Capitalization - Capitalize First Letters
    Remove Month & Day from Year
    Drop Track Count
    Drop Disc Count

    With these settings my filenames looked as on following picture

    Everything worked fine until i added a character replacement setting to ID Tag Processing to replace "/" with " - ".
    After that all my filenames look like on following picture, no matter is there a "/" in tags or not.

    If i remove character replacement setting then all goes back to normal.
    Doesn't look right. Please fix.
    Ask if any additional info is needed.

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    Re: Bug in character replacement

    You are best to add filename replacements in dBpoweramp Control Centre, under the advanced settings.

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