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Thread: Docker image

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    Docker image


    Is there any official guidance to running Asset UPnP on Docker?

    Specifically on a synology (I would plan to be a paid user).


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    Re: Docker image

    I'd like to do this too. I have the paid version running on an openmediavault server (debian). Asset UpnP is one of the few bits of sotware I have to install on the debian server, almost everything else runs in a docker container. Would be great if Asset Upnp could run in a docker. I did ask maybe a year or so ago but at that stage there were no plans to introduce this.

    It also seems a bit odd that the free version can run in a docker environment but not the paid version. Maybe that is just my technical limitations though!

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    Re: Docker image

    10 days later and no reply from devs.

    Quite disappointing.

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    Re: Docker image

    We do not support Docker, you are best to run the native synology package.

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