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Thread: ID Tags Album Art Button

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    ID Tags Album Art Button

    This is a little hard to explain but I've attached a picture showing what I'd like to get fixed in a future version.

    I use ID Tags and select the Album Art. The Load From File and the Choose From Internet buttons show up on the upper left of the screen as expected.

    However I'm on an ultrawide monitor so when I find a newer high resolution art I want to delete the lower resolution one. The "X" button shows ALL the way on the upper right of my screen. It used to show next to the actual album art. Close to the Load From File and Choose From Internet buttons.

    Is there any chance of putting it back to the way it used to be?

    Thank you for the consideration.
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    Re: ID Tags Album Art Button

    We can do this for the next release.

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    Re: ID Tags Album Art Button

    Quote Originally Posted by Spoon View Post
    We can do this for the next release.
    TYVM! Happy Thanksgiving!

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