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Thread: Requesting metadata support for DSD1024 files

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    Requesting metadata support for DSD1024 files

    I think the limit for file conversion with your software is DSD512. I am not concerned that I cannot convert a file up to 1024 or downsample from 1024 to 512, but it does bother me that I cannot tag a .dsf file that is DSD1024. I enter the tags but they are not retained.

    I only have a couple albums in that crazy high sampling rate which I purchased from nativedsd.com mostly just to test the performance of my new Holo Audio Spring 3 KTE DAC, since it supports up to DSD1024 and PCM 1.536 mHz. It's not a resolution that I will be buying, playing or tagging very often. I just want to request that the support for DSD metadata tagging for dBpoweramp be increased from DSD512 to DSD1024. If it is a paid upgrade I will pay for it. So happy that you added .dsf file support in the last paid update so I no longer have to use Tag&Rename to manage the tags for my growing .dsf library.

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    Re: Requesting metadata support for DSD1024 files

    Will add to our wish list

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