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Thread: Need help with dspeffect CLI

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    Need help with dspeffect CLI

    Good evening,
    I have a script which extracts from archives, then does a series of conversion to it. This script was created some time ago but lost due to improper backup of the script directory.

    $args =" -infile=`"$infile`" -outfile=`"$outfile`" -convert_to=`"flac`" -minchannels=`"1`" -maxchannels=`"2`" -mindepth=`"8`" -maxdepth=`"16`" -dither=`"tpdf`" -fmin=`"8000`" -fmax=`"44100`"";
    So a flac, mono or stereo, 8-16 bits triangular dither between 8-44.1khz. Granted this isn't a true flac but more of a standardizing of input archives (dsd, flacs, mp3s, etc) which is then converted to another format later.

    I remember vaguely that resampling is dspeffect1="resample=..." but I cannot find the documentation for it. Any assistance to achieve the above is greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Need help with dspeffect CLI

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