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Thread: Does PT move files?

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    Does PT move files?

    Hello Spoon,
    Long time dbpoweramp user - almost my entire collection has been either ripped or converted by dbpoweramp. I no longer need to rip as I get stuff digitally from amazon but I am fanatical about id3 tags and I was wondering if perfect-tunes will allow me, when editing the tags on say a new album I downloaded from amazon, to move the files based on the same format specification like [IFCOMP] [track] etc that I have been using for so long in dbpoweramp? If I can use perfecttunes for doing bulk editing and have it adjust file names and move files etc, that would be heaven. Thanks for truly amazing products.
    PS - if you ever decided you wanted to do a Linux version of any of your software I would gladly volunteer my time and (40+ years) expertise to that effort.

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    Re: Does PT move files?

    You would need dBpoweramp with Arrange Audio

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