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Thread: Problems with sub-tracks in Discogs imports

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    Thumbs down Problems with sub-tracks in Discogs imports


    I am trying to rip the double-CD set "Themes of the Century", which has the content described (correctly) in this Discogs entry:

    Both the discs suffer from the same problem, so let's just consider Disc 1.

    If you insert the disc and let dB find the metadata, it returns the GD3 data. However this data is at best incomplete: it gives the shows that the tracks were used on and not the actual names of the tracks. In addition, Track 1 has three elements and only one title (but three artists) are listed.

    If you ask dB to manual search to get the data from Discogs, it comes back with the opening tracks conflated, thus offsetting the entire following titles - and this is NOT the case with the original Discogs listing. In other words, dB is not importing the Discogs data correctly.

    Here's the first few tracks copied from the Discogs site entry - and this is CORRECT:

    1-1a Johnny Hawksworth Big Band*– Salute To Thames
    1-1b The Roger Roger Ensemble*– Banjo Boy (The Mind of Mr J.G. Reeder)
    1-1c Dennis Farnon Group*– Funny Side Up (Parsley Sidings)
    1-2 The International Studio Orchestra– Eye Level (Van Der Valk)

    Note that the first track actually contains three elements under one TNO, which simply run on from each other, and presumably this is what the dB import routine doesn't cope with successfully.

    So here's what dB imports allegedly from the same Discogs listing - and this is WRONG:

    Track : 1
    Title : Salute To Thames
    Length : 1:50
    Artist : The Johnny Hawksworth Band

    Track : 2
    Title : Banjo Boy (The Mind of Mr J.G. Reeder)
    Length : 2:23
    Artist : Ensemble Roger Roger

    Track : 3
    Title : Funny Side Up (Parsley Sidings)
    Length : 1:33
    Artist : Dennis Farnon And His Orchestra

    Track : 4
    Title : Eye Level (Van Der Valk)
    Length : 2:16
    Artist : The International Studio Orchestra

    ...the first three tracks are actually ONE TNO, which is not recognised. Thus what it labels Track 2, "Banjo Boy" is actually "Eye Level" ... and everything is offset by three for the rest of the disc.

    Anyone any idea how to fix/workaround? I suppose technically this is a bug as dB is supposed to be able to import data accurately from Discogs, but just a workaround would do fine. Each of the two discs contains almost 40 tracks so manually editing it all is possible but unwelcome.


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    Re: Problems with sub-tracks in Discogs imports

    Right click on track listing and copy to clipboard, then paste into notepad, fix the tracks quickly there and then right click and copy from clipboard.

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    Re: Problems with sub-tracks in Discogs imports

    Thanks! I'll try that soon as I can!

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