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Thread: Asset Version Changes

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    Asset Version Changes


    Asset Preformatting of ID Tags when indexing, so it is possible to add year to the end of albums:
    preformat:=[album]:=[year] [album]
    or to change the artist to composer if the genre is classical:
    see: https://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthr...e-List-feature

    Indexer improvements, for libraries with many layers of subfolders
    LG TVs are so detrimental to Asset, just with the TV on it will try to browse every track Asset has, effectively DOS Asset. By default LG TVs have Control Point Override set to: =WebOS [NoBrowse] to exclude them from accessing Asset

    Asset Config: High DPI support (windows)
    Added 64 bit version (windows), note installs to a new folder Program Files 'Asset'

    Added control point override [simpleartist] to not supply composer, conductor or album artist (only artist) for track details to player

    Improved asset registration (windows)

    Bug Fix: Jukebox Album listing was being sorted
    Bug Fix: Windows was not showing asset icon
    Bug Fix: WASAPI 'What you hear' improvements (windows)
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    Re: Asset Version Changes

    Synology R2023-6-6

    Bug Fix: corrupted images in the browse tree, note control point might need cache clearing after updating.

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