PerfectTUNES has become an integral part of my digital workflow for my library and when I help others update their libraries.

I liked to suggest two other checks as these are checks/corrections I do today with another tool using RegEx.

1) Find duplicate/repeating spaces in Title field
2) Find leading/trailing spaces in Title field

Ideally - but would add more complexity to the operation would be to alter the filename to match as well. If PerfectTUNES would read my naming formulas in dBpoweramp or at least use same capability that is perfect solution. The file name updating I would like for other areas like Album Artist or Album Name as well - perhaps an option box if someone doesn't want that capability.


3) which I am still thinking of best way to implement is Title consistency. In a way related to De-Dup only I don't want to delete duplicates I find want to find duplicate Title names and ensure they are consistent mainly in case used. In very large libraries not uncommon to have hundreds of files with a same title but with inconsistent usage of case.

Thanks for considering and feel free to ask questions if something doesn't make sense.

Kind regards,
Carlin Smith