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Thread: Ripping and converting as server?

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    Ripping and converting as server?


    Is there any possibility to run dBpoweramp as some sort of server controlled through e.g. an iPad?
    It would be very nice to have some sort of semi-automatic ripping and conversion solution without having the need of sitting in front of a PC, again.
    At the moment, I use dBpoweramp as a usual desktop application which it certainly is ;-). But doing occasional ripping and converting could be a bit more convenient if not be forced to always start and use a complete PC environment.
    Just thinking ;-)


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    Re: Ripping and converting as server?

    No. It has to be running on a PC or MAC. You can always control your PC or MAC remotely from an iPad if you choose (something like "remote desktop" for controlling a PC). But you'd still have to go to the PC, which would have to be running, and insert the CD to rip, so I don't see what you would gain.
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