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Thread: Using ID Tag Processing/[ID Tag Update] for Multi-Disc Tagging of Folders & Metadata

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    Using ID Tag Processing/[ID Tag Update] for Multi-Disc Tagging of Folders & Metadata

    Hello again,

    I'm trying to update my ID Tag Processing and ID Tag Update to improve my multi-disc tagging but I'm having some difficulty regarding the first disc in a multi-disc album set. I'm also having trouble figuring out how to write to [Disc] from [Album] or a folder name when the [Disc] field is empty but the [Album] or folder name has a disc number.

    For context:
    -I have 'Multi-CD Add Disc to Album' set to 'Never' and 'Pad disc number to 2 digits' & 'Disc number without disc count' disabled.

    -I'm using about 100 Word/Character replacements to convert potential disc number names to my padded disc number. I don't know if this creates any conflicts but it seems like it shouldn't.

    Under Map, I'm 'name mapping' from [Disc], when available, to map a padded disc number to the [Album] field with the following expression:

    [MAXLENGTH]80,[album] [][IFMULTI][](Disc [SETLEN]2,48,,[disc][])
    Is it possible to also somehow write this disc number to the folder name if it's lacking a disc number?

    So my other questions are: How do I write a disc number for the first disc in a multi-disc set that doesn't have a disc count? Is it possible to automatically add a disc count through the ID Tagging expressions?

    How do I tag an empty disc and disc count from the album metadata and/or folder name?

    Regards in advance,
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