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Thread: Asset Icon not displayed on control points

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    Asset Icon not displayed on control points

    Whatever control point I use: the "logo" of Asset UPnP running on my Windows computer is not displayed. All other icons are present. (Raspberry version properly displays the logo).
    I saw a few older posts, where you provided the download of a file named asset-120x120.png and suggested to put it next to the asset exes - this did not work.

    It's a completely fresh installation of the registered, up-to-date version on a windows computer - I first ran Asset normally, then as a service (which I want to keep doing - I know, that config files then are moved to another location, which I doublechecked). In both cases, the Asset logo was not displayed in the "list" of servers on my control points and players (Linn, KazooMax, MConnect). They all used their own default fallback logo. I even completely deactivated Windows' firewall to no avail.

    Any suggestions, what to do?

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    Re: Asset Icon not displayed on control points

    Bug Confirmed, next update will fix

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