I'm trying to rip a CD of George Chadwick's String Quartets 4 & 5 on CD from Northeastern company. The ripper goes through two passes then starts on a "re-rip". It shows a number of frames (currently 4902) and counts down slowly from there. Really SLOWLY. I let it run starting this morning and it had only counted down by about 1000 frames after 5 hours. HOURS! I've tried restarting the rip, rebooting the computer and anything else I can think of to no avail. Just today I updated dBpoweramp to the lastest version and that didn't cure the problem.

The CD plays perfectly fine when I ask Windows to AutoPlay it. This is Windows 11 on a very speedy (capable of gaming) PC.

I'm not a novice with ripping using dBpoweramp. I've ripped over a 1000 CD's with it and haven't come across this problem before. Granted, I updated from Windows 10 to Windows 11 about a month ago, so most of the ripping was on Windows 10. Even if Windows 11 is causing the problem, I still don't know what to do about it.

Any and all suggestions are welcome!