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Thread: Reindexing sort tags

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    Reindexing sort tags

    I have just started using sort tags, mainly COMPOSERSORT and ALBUMSORT.

    If I rip a new album and include sort tags Asset indexes these as expected.

    If I add a sort tag to existing files in the library they are not recognised automatically or by using "Rescan folders detecting changes" and I have to use "Clear database, rescan all folders" instead, which works as anticipated.

    I have about 40,000 files held on a QNAP TS-251 and this rescan takes several hours. Is there anyway to get Asset to recognise these new sort tags without clearing the database?

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    Re: Reindexing sort tags

    Is the file modified date updating when you make these changes? Depending on the software you are using to add the sort fields, there may be an option to leave this date unchanged. If so, then Asset won’t know to update when you rescan.

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    Re: Reindexing sort tags

    [I will check that out. Thanks for the tip]

    I checked it out. I use MP3Tag as my editor.

    If I alter the sort tags the file's "Date modified" is updated to reflect the time of the change but a "Rescan Folder Detecting Changes" does not show the changes.
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