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Thread: Potential Asset Use Cases

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    Re: Potential Asset Use Cases

    I don't have the Nvidia Shield to test. But StreamMagic doesn't have a trial and I don't think that BubbleUPnP requires registration in the unpaid version (which - from what I remember - is still quite feature rich).

    But we don't know if the OP would even consider this path - it was merely an idea from my part to widen the horizon a bit.

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    Re: Potential Asset Use Cases

    I am learning a lot reading the replies to this post, there are lots of possibilities I had not thought of for controlling and interfacing with the 851N.

    For now, my setup for exploring this equipment and ripping CDs is fairly simple:

    Windows 10 laptop
    Wireless/wired router
    Stereo amp with no wireless or network capability
    Klipsch Forte I speakers
    No TV

    Sometime in the future, the 851N may wind up in my main 5 channel system with a smart TV, but that would be later this year at the earliest. So, my short term plan is to rip CDs, develop methods for storing and maintaining those files (and backups), and assess various methods for getting data to the 851N and controlling it.

    I have a couple very basic questions regarding storing FLAC files external to the laptop.

    Case 1
    Asset (or another server) running on my laptop, with a control point, probably a tablet running Stream Magic (or similar). Rather than storing my FLAC files on the laptop SSD, can I store the files on an external hard drive connected to the laptop via USB?

    Case 2
    A NAS (Synology, QNAP, etc.) connected to my router (wired, Cat 6 cable). Would Asset be installed on, and execute on the NAS? Would control point still be a tablet running Stream Magic (or similar)?


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    Re: Potential Asset Use Cases

    Case 1: Yes

    Case 2: Yes, there are Asset versions for Synology & QNAP, see here https://www.dbpoweramp.com/asset-upnp-dlna.htm.

    And yes, controls points would work the same since they talk to Asset over the network.

    I don't use NAS'es, but my impression is that it's trickier than installing on Windows and you sometimes run into compatibility issues with certain NAS'es. And a large library (or heavy album/artist art, or many custom tags with many multiple values) could be better served by a laptop/desktop which has better performance than NAS'es. Newer NAS'es might cope - but I wouldn't know, never tried. Why don't you try - your current library is small and Asset license is universal, see here: https://secure.dbpoweramp.com/store_combi.aspx?c=8

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    Re: Potential Asset Use Cases

    Given you've got a laptop (so limited internal storage) an external USB drive will be fine, but that should be in addition to another system with the UPnP software installed and a copy of your music. This system could be a NAS (I'd stay clear of QNAP though) or something like a Raspberry Pi, as it really doesn't need to be very powerful. In an ideal world you'll also have an off-site copy - whether it's a hard drive you give to a friend or cloud storage is up to you.

    The UPnP server (AssetUPnP/MinimServer) indexes your music and presents it to the control point (BubbleUPnP/StreamMagic) for browsing. Once you've made a selection, the control point then hands the track resource to the renderer (851N) which fetches it directly from the UPnP server. Towards the end of the current track the renderer requests the next track resource from the control point, and so this continues.
    I don't believe the 851N is OpenHome compatible so it'll also be worth installing BubbleUPnP server on the NAS to create a proxy OpenHome renderer that'll manage the music queue (handle track advancing, shared playlists etc). If you think you'll ever want this functionality and you're looking at a Synology NAS then you'll need to make sure it supports Docker.

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