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Thread: CD Ripper merging track names when using MusicBrainz

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    Lightbulb CD Ripper merging track names when using MusicBrainz

    When looking for Metadata manually using MusicBrainz as source there are is some strange behavior.

    When ripping the album Come Away With Me from Norah Jones which includes the following layers:

    • CD Layer
    • SACD, 2 channels Layer
    • SACD, Multi-Channel Layer

    And searching manually for the metadata, I provide the exact link to the release in MusicBrainz which shows the tracks for every layer. The thing is that CD Ripper will only show the tracks for the Multi-Channel Layer Attachment 3459. The main issue with this is that these are not the correct track names considering I'm not ripping the SACD layer but the CD layer (PCM).

    Another case was when searching metadata for albums which include multiple discs like DVDs/Blu Ray. Let's look at this Aimer album.

    When checking the track names for this album you will notice that the first 6 track names correspond to the names of the DVD, not the CD aimer.jpg.

    This could mean that CD Ripper is merging track names. Reading another posts it seems to be an expected behavior in order to provide the most accurate metadata, nevertheless when providing the URL in the Search Metadata Manually box I don't think this merge should be done considering we're already providing the exact source (or at least what we consider the exact one). Moreover, it should not merge metadata from different layers like in the case of the Norah Jones album or with other type of discs like in the case of the Aimer's album.

    I didn't do any other tests with other providers.

    As well I understand that CD Ripper is focused in ripping I think showing the layers/discs available and let us choose the best one will enhance the experience and avoid re-working in the metadata. In addition avoiding the merge when providing the URL of the metadata we want to use.

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    Re: CD Ripper merging track names when using MusicBrainz

    Fixed for next release.

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