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Thread: Dynamic Tagging in Batch Converter

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    Dynamic Tagging in Batch Converter

    I am using the latest version 2022-09-28
    I am using complex tagging instuctions to get my wished folder structure. But I have often problems with a - it seems special - tag "AlbumArtistSort" and it seems as if the usage of this tag depends on the origin file format and/or the resulting format. By the Way: The result has the correct tags - only building the dynamic name is not working

    For FLAC I can use this expression in dynmaic naming:
    [IFVALUE][tag]ALBUMARTISTSORT[],[tag]ALBUMARTISTSORT[],[album artist][]
    Now I bought mp3 audiobooks that I have tagged as usual in Mp3Tag with ALBUMARTISTSORT to get my ususal structures - but it is not used by the dynamic naming!
    When I right click on a file in the batch converter (Edit ID Tags) I get this Tags shown

    Album Artist = Moritz Matthies
    Composer = Moritz Matthies
    Album Artist Sort = Matthies, Moritz
    BOOKCATEGORY = Komödie
    BOOKSET = Ray & Rufus die Erdmännchen
    BOOKSET NO = 6
    BOOKTITLE = Der Wald ruft
    (see also the screenshot)
    The BOOK* Tags are user defined, i use them also in Foobar

    Because the function about the Artist name (above) is always showing the "normal" Album Artist, I created a sample / Testing naming code:
    A-[tag]BOOKCATEGORY[]\B-[BOOKCATEGORY]\C-[Album Artist]\D-[tag]ALBUMARTISTSORT[]\[track] [title]
    Edit Window shows
    A-\B-[BOOKCATEGORY]\C-Album Artist\D-\05 Title
    so it seems only [Album Artist] and the track/title is recognized, ALBUMARTISTSORT is replaced by space/null

    Encoding/Writing filename
    A-Komödie\B-[BOOKCATEGORY]\C-Moritz Matthies\D-\01 Kapitel 1.ogg
    surprise - [tag]BOOKCATEGORY[] has resolved, and the rest of the Name as the preview of the edit

    I am wondering, why this works with FLAC and not with MP3?
    For me it would be clear that I can use the tags you show in the "Edit ID Tags" - but it seems there are trick around it, that I dont know.

    My work around is creating the folde Structure in Mp3Tag and then using "[TRIMFIRSTFOLDER][TRIMFIRSTFOLDER][origpath][][]\[origfilename]" for the batch converter
    But to be honest, it took me much time to create my folder dynamic naming in dBpoweramp, why is this depending on the source format?

    Best regards
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