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Thread: Dynamic Browsing/Editing Browser Tree

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    Question Dynamic Browsing/Editing Browser Tree

    I have edited the browser tree to display albums by decade using dynamic browsing.

    For example to display 1980s albums: 80s**Dynamic Browsing&+&Year&+& 1980s&+& [Exclude]&+&Genre&+&Film Soundtrack&+&Album

    This brings me to a list of albums from that decade. Is it possible to click on one of those albums and have the interface take me directly to the track list for that album?

    Currently when I click on the album, it takes me to another screen to filter further. I end up selecting [List Tracks] from this screen to get the tracks for the album I selected. I was hoping for a more direct route, if possible.

    Hope that makes sense. I am using the Naim application. Wonderful product overall, thanks for your help.

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    Re: Dynamic Browsing/Editing Browser Tree

    Try browsing manually, I think the last step should be [List Albums]?

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    Re: Dynamic Browsing/Editing Browser Tree

    Quote Originally Posted by Spoon View Post
    Try browsing manually, I think the last step should be [List Albums]?
    That worked perfectly, thanks Spoon!

    Do you generally end a custom dynamic browsing entry with a selection encapsulated with brackets [List Tracks], [List Albums], etc? That seems to stop the additional filtering.

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