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Thread: 32 Bit FLAC

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    32 Bit FLAC


    I wonder if you can help - I upgraded Poweramp to R2022 09-28 afer reading it now encoded FLAC at 32 bit. I have some WAV files encoded at 32 bit (not floating point) 352.8kHz and to save space I thought from this I would be able to convert losslessly to FLAC. It worked ok - and the converted file metadata reports it is indeed a 32/352.8 FLAC file, but the files absolutely will not play. I have tried on my windows PC using the stock media player and other apps, and on an android phone using te USB Audio Player Pro app. Have I misunderstood that this can work, or have I made a mistake? I cannot see any coruptions in the file.

    I have gone back to the files to again convert them to FLAC at the same sample rate, but changing the bit depth this time to 24, and they play fine. So looks like it's the 32 bit part it doesn't like. Must be I've misunderstood?

    Thanks for your help in this.
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    Re: 32 Bit FLAC

    Your players would have to be updated to the latest flac decoder to play those files.

    You can check the files are valid by converting back to wave with dBpoweramp, they should play fine.

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    Re: 32 Bit FLAC

    Thanks for this - I have no idea why this didn&*8217;t occur to me! And yes, converting back made them play fine. I guess I will have to wait until the various softwares update their codecs.

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