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Thread: Calculating and applying ReplayGain during conversion

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    Calculating and applying ReplayGain during conversion

    Hi all,

    I've posted something similar before, but could never get suggestions to work. Let's start over and see if we can get past my ignorance.

    I have a number of lengthy playlists, which I call Alternate Takes. These are a series of the same songs performed by different artists (or by the same artist in different styles or at different life stages). I sort them alphabetically by song title, so I have "Alternate Takes - A", "Alternate Takes - B", and so on. These sets typically have a hundred or more songs (50 or more titles), although larger sets are usually divided into 2 (e.g Alternate Takes - W1, and Alternate Takes - W2).

    My process is to create a playlist by sorting my complete library song titles alphabetically, choosing the same songs within an alpha set, and exporting to a playlist (e.g. Alternate Takes - A). These are saved as an M3U, because it is the default.

    I then use AMOK Playlist Copy to copy the actual files to a convenient folder. These are in a variety of formats, mainly flac, mp3 and aac. At this point, the playlist is a set of actual music files, not a single playlist file pointing to the location of the music files.

    I then use dBpoweramp to convert the files to the same file format, in this case MP3-320. This is for playing mainly in my car.

    Many of these files are older, with much lower gain than more recent tracks. I'd like to normalize them using Replay Gain during the conversion process, but can't quite figure it out. I see the two RG options within the DSP options, but am unclear how to use these in this situation. The objective is to have the files in a playlist play at approximately the same volume.

    To be clear, the objective is NOT to place RG tag information in the files (my car stereo doesn't support RG), but to actually amend the files according to RG information during the conversion process, so they will play at roughly equivalent volume, without the play-back system having to apply RG tags.

    Help me out please! This is new to me, so step-by-step is best.

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    Re: Calculating and applying ReplayGain during conversion

    You need 'Volume Normalize' DSP effect

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    Re: Calculating and applying ReplayGain during conversion

    As Spoon said, use the Volume Normalize DSP, sekect EBU128 track option and apply it to each file individually. This will change the file's volume level permanently. I do this to my entire library so i can ply my music on any player and ever need to adjust the volume while they play..

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