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Thread: Ripper not working anymore

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    Ripper not working anymore

    Hello. I have a paid version 7, bought from you in Summer 2020, i.e. some 27 months ago, and updated (free) to 7.7 some months ago; I have always used the same PC, never installed it on any other PC (not even for "trial" or similar). Whilst up to yesterday, it worked flawlessly, today - without there having been any changes in my PC - it doesn't work anymore, specifically:

    It appears normally. When I put a CD in the drive, it correctly identifies the CD, and it correctly lists its titles. When then I trigger the "Rip", it quickly goes to all the titles, and puts "Error" behind every one of them, for 10, 15 titles this doesn't take more than 2 or 3 seconds altogether.

    This appears with ANY CD, even with CDs I have ripped just yesterday. The drive works normally with any other application, and normally with any CD, i.e. the CDs that Ripper multiplies the "Error" messages for, instead of ripping them, play normally, by other applications, from that same drive, so the drive is obviously ok, as are the CDs.

    I have then re-installed 7.7 (always the registered version), again on that same PC, and this behavior in Ripper prevails, so for the time being, I can't rip any other CD with it.

    What should I do? Thank you.
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    Re: Ripper not working anymore

    I found the solution - it was my error.

    Very simply, the external "target" HDD was not connected, and this triggered the above "error" behavior for every single track on the CDs, instead of:

    - either an automatic switch to an "internal" default target folder, or, preferably:

    - a message, "Target folder not available (check if not connected or no space?" or the like, ideally right after the "Rip" command, or at the latest at the very first "rip" try, i.e. the very first track on the CD.

    I understand that when there is not enough space within the target folder (vs. "not connected", as was the case here), some tracks might "pass", whilst further ones would not anymore, but when even the very first track cannot be ripped, for "no target" reason, I would have expected Ripper to tell me about it, instead of just multiple, unspecific "Error" messages, so the idea that the target drive wasn't connected just occurred to me about 2 hours later... ;-)

    Sorry for the fuss, but my experience might possibly remind other users of this very first check to be done, and which I had left out!

    Works fine again, and thanks for very capable software!
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    Re: Ripper not working anymore

    An error page should have shown after ripping, unless the option to show errors after ripping was switched off (it is on by default).

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