I have used dbpoweramp for some time to convert audio files from m4a to mp3 and then copy the mp3 to storage in the podcast folder of my android phone. A couple of days ago I tried this. The mp3s failed to copy and paste to the android phone. Either there is no transfer at all or there is a rather laboured and extended attempt which appears to complete but the mp3 fails to appear in the phone's folder. This problem has only recently arisen.

Using a process of elimination I have found that the problem must be with dbpoweramp as I converted an m4a using a free online service. The resulting mp3 transferred to my phone with absolutely no problem. Also, mp3s converted using dbpoweramp some time ago transfer to my phone with no problem.

The weird thing is that the mp3 when played on my computer sounds perfectly okay.

Any ideas anyone? By the way I reinstalled dbpoweramp but the problem did not disappear. Also the problem is still there if I convert a single mp3 using Music Converter.