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Thread: Extra folders for a single disc created on conversion

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    Extra folders for a single disc created on conversion

    Recently I ripped my CD collection to FLAC, around 450 discs, and used Batch Converter to create mirrored folder output of the FLAC rip. That all went well except around ten or twenty albums ended up generating extra folders, which were sub-strings of the full folder name.

    For example if you have this folder as source, basically the album name:

    The conversion to either mp3 or Apple lossless would sometimes output multiple folders:

    Each folder would have several songs, the full album would be spread across those.

    Image below shows the folder names for both non-working, and working test:

    I was able to find a workaround to the issue though by going into PerfectTUNES ID Tags and sanitizing the file names, and base folder name, i.e. Removing any punctuation other than comma or dash. I suspect some combination of semicolon, colon, period, or parenthesis in the source file name and/or the base folder name created during the original rip to FLAC is causing a parse error, or folder compare error in the converter source code.

    This image shows the filenames that were problematic:

    This shows the sanitized files and metadata that correctly produced the single folder output:
    MozartFlacIDTags Sanitized.jpg

    Has anyone else seen this issue or knows of a workaround that could be applied during rip to FLAC that would pre-sanitize the filenames? Or if it could be fixed in the converter that would be helpful as well.

    Lastly here were the converter settings using a fixed <output path>\Source Path\Source Filename. It's a Windows box. Have not tried it on the Mac yet.
    dbPowerampConverter Settings.jpg
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